Our Philosophy & Styles

Fighting Griffin Martial Arts, opened in 1979, offers classes in Go Ju Ryu Karate, Hapkijitsu and Kobudo for both adults and kids. Classes run throughout the year with the exception of statutory holidays and other Dojo events such as gradings. All classes are taught by experienced instructors who take teaching of martial arts seriously while ensuring both safety and fun.


“Through my life experiences and more than 40 years of training I have been able

to give people what they desire from Martial Arts while continuing my own path.

Martial Arts is a paradox – We teach you to fight really well so that you don’t have to fight at all.

Being afraid is the only thing that stops us from doing anything.

It is not the art that makes the artist. It is you that will make the art.”

-Hanshi Scott Hogarth


In all styles taught at Fighting Griffin, there is a cultivation of respect, confidence, focus, and integrity. Students develop leadership skills as they progress and share their knowledge.


Go Ju Ryu Karate

Our style of Karate is traditional

Ryu Kyu Koko Gi Shin Ji Kan Kai Kai Shin Go Ju Ryu

Go Ju Ryu means Hard and Soft style, Ryu-Kyu KoKo Gi means “Heritage technique of Ryu Kyu Islands” (where the heart of Karate started), and Shin Ji Kan Kai Kai Shin means “The place to find your happy spirit”.

Shuri Castle, Okinawa

Go Ju Ryu is a style that emphasises a combination of hard and straight motion with soft, circular motion. Students learn using a combination of kata (forms), bunkai (practical application of kata movements), and standard exercises.

The development of this style originated in Naha City in Okinawa in the late 1800’s, where Higaonna Sensei taught a style of karate he named Naha-te. Sensei Higaonna’s students further developed the style, adding forms to the system. His most prominent student, Chojun Miyagi, named the style Go Ju at the All Japan Martial Arts demonstration in 1929.


Northern Lights Hapkijitsu

Hapkijitsu is a full-body energy martial art that uses manipulation, takedowns, kicks, throws and grappling.  This very practical martial art is based on universal commonalities of many different systems, including Hap Ki Do,Chito Ryu, boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu and others. Students learn primarily through partner work – learning how an opponent moves and reacts to techniques, and how to find advantage on their own terms.




Kobudo means weaponry. This is the martial art of weapons (originally tools) of Japan, Okinawa and China. These tools include the Bo (a staff), the Sai (a three-pronged furrowing tool usually used in pairs), and Tonfa (a short stick with a handle also used in pairs), among many others. The weapons are used in forms, which are a series of coordinated stylised movements meant to defend against an imagined opponent. We also practice kumite (controlled combat).



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